It is now a fact that a modern business will struggle to remain afloat if it does not have a website. Building a website is only the beginning. The next step involves choosing a web-hosting platform and in this regard, HostGator is one of the most popular. It is one of the leading hosting platforms in the market today. It hosts more than 8 million domains. The hosting platform has grown increasingly popular because of many reasons, which include the following:

  1. Single click WP installation
  2. Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  3. 24/7 customer and technical support


The company has grown tremendously from 2002 when it was founded. The privately held company has it’s headquarters located in Houston, Texas. It currently manages more than 7,000 servers and is responsible for web domains that constitute up to 1 percent of the entire Internet traffic around the world. It serves the needs of the close to 250,000 customers through innovative products as well as services that complement all existing businesses.

Hosting Plans

Furthermore, the fact that it provides users with excellent dedicated as well as shared web hosting plans is one of the factors responsible for the ever-increasing popularity of HostGator. In addition to this, it comes with useful software for building websites called Weebly. The platform has remained attractive because of the affordable rates as well as impressive features that it offers.

Web Design Tools

Moreover, it also has amazing tools for the web designers with highly advanced skills to use. The VPS server packages that it has are some of the best in the industry to date. The ease of use is one of the reasons that have made HostGator popular with novice web designers. It is also worth mentioning that users benefit from a 45-day money back guarantee. Consequently, users receive their money back in case the platform does not work to their liking within 45 days of purchase.

Benefits and Features

For people who might be wondering about the reasons for switching their web host to HostGator, perhaps the fact that this platform puts no restrictions on issues such as disk space and bandwidth should convince them. Overall, the basic hosting plans are good. For example, a user who purchases the Hatchling Plan is entitled to a number of benefits and amazing features that include the following:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Disk space
  • Email accounts
  • MySQL databases

The other amazing features that have made HostGator a leading player in the world of web hosting platforms include:

Help and Support

Although the web hosting platform that HostGator provides is easy to use, this does not mean that you do not require any help or support from the technical team. The help and support is to enable you learn the intricacies of using the hosting platform easily and fast. After all, some of the features are not intuitive. On the HostGator website, spend some time reading the FAQs and visit user forums or view video tutorials to receive all the help and support that you need.

Control Panel Options

HostGator has an amazing set of features. Some of the features are highly advanced. The most advanced features include error pages as well as custom cron jobs. On the other hand, the service could do with some additional script library. Some of the features that the web hosting platform has are not essential to building websites. However, the convenience that they bring in addition to the hands-on control that they provide to advanced users makes them great for web building.


It is common for websites to be full of spam. Many web hosting platforms are unable to offer much help with spam. Fortunately, HostGator takes care of this issue through Spam Assassin that is available on all packages. The program provides powerful spam detection capabilities thus keeping all unwanted junk mails away from the user’s inbox. Although the shared host offers no private SSL or dedicated IP, the shared SSL that it has enables encryption of private information.


Although HostGator does not support one-step WordPress import and people in need of support might have to wait much longer, it is still great for building attractive and functional websites. With HostGator, you will have little difficulty in setting up a WordPress blog and website. The straightforward and robust Quick Link Interface should give you an easier time building up the blog or website.