The 10 Best Angle Grinder – Best Angle Grinder reviews

Cutting wood can be a tough job with the wrong tools. Even with the right tools, the work can be quite hard, especially when you have to not only cut, but also grind and polish. One of the tools that can make your task slightly easier is an angle grinder. This handheld power tool increases your efficiency. It enables you to finish your work within the required time. Without this tool, grinding metal, cutting tile as well as stucco and pavers would be impossible tasks. It has numerous industrial and domestic uses. It is powered using compressed air, petrol engine or electric motor.

Why is Angle Grinder Important?

Angle grinders are important for many reasons. As stated above, they are effective at cutting pavers, stuccos and tiles. They are also effective at grinding metal. They are popular handheld tools in various industries or professions including metalwork, carpentry and plumbing. Any person can buy and use these tools because they are not designed only for professionals. Whether you are a homeowner or a person who loves testing your DIY skills, investing in the angle grinder would be one of the best decisions you ever make. An angle grinder guarantees you quality work and excellent product. The tool is worth the money you spend on it.

What to Look for in Angle Grinder

The market is full of different types and models of angle grinders. Based on this, you are likely to have a hard time choosing the best. The task becomes much harder if you base your choices on money alone. When buying this tool, your focus should be on its ability to do the work well and efficiently. The choice you make should be based on the components that each angle grinder has. Based on the components, you will be able to tell whether the tool has everything required to do a specific job that you have in mind. The most effective tools have the basic and extra components. Basic components you should pay attention to include;

  1. adjustable safety guard
  2. interchangeable abrasive discs
  3. geared head
  4. side handle

The following is a review of the best angle grinders in the market today.


   1- DEWALT D28402K Small-Angle Grinder Kit :dewalt-d28402k-small-angle-grinder-kit

This angle grinder is available in different materials – plastic and metal. It is effective at sanding, grinding and pneumatics. Its transmission is not only smoother, but also quieter mainly because of precise gear alignment that low profile case produces. The wheel release can be changed quickly thus removing the need for tools such as wrench. With spindle dimensions of 5/8” x 11”, this tool is capable of preventing the brush hang-up that dust intake is prone to causing. Dust cannot damage this tool. This is because of the presence of the dust ejection system. The ejection system ejects dust and other debris that can cause extensive damages thus improving durability.




   2- Hitachi G12SR3 Angle Grinder :hitachi-g12sr3-angle-grinder

Hitachi makes some excellent products, and this angle grinder is not an exception. The spindle lock included in this tool allows users to change discs and other accessories quickly and easily. What is more, it has a trigger lock-on that supports comfortable, hitch-free and continued operation. It is safe to use primarily because of the slide switch that is mounted on the left side. The tool is not only efficient, but also reliable and enjoys long life mainly because of class leading overload. It offers enhanced control and comfort because of its side handle which is also removable and forward-canting.




   3- Makita 9564CV Angle Grinder :makita-9564cv-angle-grinder

This tool has all the features required to make it serve you for long without experiencing part damages. Its gears are capable of resisting any damage due to the Super Joint System also known as SJS. Its 12.0AMP motor guarantees powerful and increased output. Its soft start feature supports start-ups of any kind. Its motor and bearings enjoy enhanced protection and proper sealing against dust and debris through the labyrinth construction, which also promotes longer tool life. With this tool, you will never worry about issues such as tool burnout or accidental overload. This is because it is fitted with electronic limiter.



   4- Makita 9557PB Angle Grinder :makita-9557pb-angle-grinder

This grinder has one of the most powerful and efficient 7.5 AMP motors. The motor guarantees high output at all times. Users enjoy added comfort mainly because of the tool’s small diameter barrel, which is easier to grip. The tool enjoys long life due to the sealing and protection the bearings and motor enjoy from its labyrinth construction. It operates continuously due to the pre-installed lock-on and lock-off feature. This tool is useable with any alternative power source because of the AC/DC switch feature. Users are also able to use it comfortable because of the extra large paddle the tool comes fitted with.



   5- PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG Angle Grinder:porter-cable-pc60tag-angle-grinder

This tool can be used for grinding, cutting and planing. It is ideal for heavy duty work. There is little doubt that it is a wonderful tool for anybody who needs it for commercial and industrial work. Operating with an RPM of 11,000 makes the grinder capable of removing materials fast; thus, the best choice for any person who needs a tool that is capable of improving efficiency. Its 6AMP motor is not only durable, but also able to power through any task with little to no difficulty. This handheld tool has a side handle, spindle lock, spindle thread, and slide switch. It guarantees you speed and power all in one.



   6- Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die Grinder :ingersoll-rand-301b-air-angle-die-grinder

This metal handheld tool is ideal for light maintenance and automotive uses. Its steel gears and the all ball bearing construction make the tool durable. Its throttle lever locks itself automatically thus preventing the motor from starting automatically without you or anybody switching it on. The steel gears give you the precision needed in your work. With the pre-installed exhaust breaks, you never need to worry about cleaning the workstation. The exhaust breaks prevent the grinder from releasing wastes. The ball bearing construction improves the grinder’s balance


   7- Bosch CSG15 5-Inch Concrete Surfacing Grinder :bosch-csg15-5-inch-concrete-surfacing-grinder

The handheld electric powered grinder will surprise you with its 12.5AMP motor that is perfect for concrete grading and surface preparation. It is ideal for all the harsh concrete applications you wish to do. It collects all dust and other types of debris that would otherwise damage some sensitive parts. With the motor and switch sealed properly, the grinder is guaranteed extended product life. The motor is capable of withstanding extended load. Its electronics are fitted with Constant Response technology for maintaining the same speed while under load. Some of its outstanding features include carrying case, flange kit, spanner wrench and auxiliary handle.


   8- Makita XDG01 18V 1/4-Inch Die Grinder Kit :makita-xdg01-18v-1-4-inch-die-grinder-kit

Its compactly designed barrel grip makes the grinder comfortable to handle. The fact that it weighs a mere 4.4lbs makes the grinder easy to carry with you everywhere. As an operator, it gives you convenience needed to handle the grinder well with its lock-on slide switch. It is convenient, comfortable and safe to use primarily because of the vent slots that push or release exhaust air/smoke away from you. It does not leave you guessing about the time for changing battery. When the battery runs out, the grinder will flash its LED light red. The motor enjoys adequate protection via the built-in LED circuit.



   9- DEWALT DWE4597N :dewalt-dwe4597n

This grinder has been designed specifically to provide the highest level of dust containment, control, and low vibration. It does all these without compromising performance. The high powered 4.7HP the grinder releases produces 8,500RPMs. Its brush life is enhanced and guaranteed through the Dust Ejection System. Harmful particles find it impossible to enter the air intake, thus making it harder for them to damage the grinder’s motor. User fatigue arising from constant vibration is a thing of the past because of the Anti-Vibe Trigger Handle. The user can adjust the guard on this grinder quickly due to its Quick Change Guard feature.



   10- Makita GA7001L 7-inch Electric :makita-ga7001l-7-inch-electric

This angle grinder is one of the best because of the features that make it able to handle heavy duty work without any hitch. It is ideal for continuous use and high production work. Its optimal material removal capabilities are because of the grinder’s impressive 6,000RPMs. Feel free to mount its removable side handle on either side. The AC/DC guarantees that its efficiency does not reduce when used with alternative power source. The grinder is fitted with a rugged casing for improved durability. The tool comes with a grinding wheel, wheel guard, lock nut, flange, lock nut wrench, side handle and spindle washer.



Therefore, reduce your workload and eliminate the inefficiency that has been the hallmark of your work by investing in any of these angle grinders. This review has the information you need to choose the best grinder for your kind of work. Remember to choose an angle grinder depending on the kind of work you do. Do not limit yourself to cheap alternatives alone. As you will see in this list of the 10 best angle grinders, the money you spend on any of these tools will be worth it. You will finish your work without feeling fatigued and be spared from spending money on repairs or replacements because they are all durable.

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