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What are the benefits of choosing A2hosting for your Web Hosting needs?

What type of web hosting services do you need? Answering this question is a tough job if your business does not have a website. The market has several web hosting options that you can choose.

Without proper research, you can make massive mistakes and end up with a poor choice that does not meet your needs. Fortunately, this is where a2hosting.com has proven effective in meeting the needs of each specific business.

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Key Features

A2hosting.com has proven popular with customers, software providers and developers around the world. The key features that this web hosting platform provides to users include the following:

  1. PHP
  2. Backups
  3. WordPress
  4. Uptime guarantee
  5. Money back guarantee
  6. MySQL
  7. Control Panel

More importantly, the main attractions of the platform include simple, clear pricing and CPanel-powered features. In addition to these, an examination of several a2hosting reviews indicate that customers love that its billing is much easier.

Excellent Customer Service:

Furthermore, you can call the customer service and enquire about a2hosting coupon. The support that you get from customer service is one of the best. You can access customer service any time and ask for support on any aspect of the web hosting platform that seems complex.

The biggest attraction about a2hosting.com is the remarkable speed that it provides to customers. It has improved speed massively through the introduction of Solid State Drive or SSD, which is now a part of the shared hosting plan that customers get from the company.

Multiple Hosting Plans:

The company has created three hosting plans for its customers. The plans are Lite, Swift and Turbo, which go for $3.92 per month, $4.90 per month and $9.31 per month respectively. SSD Speed Boost powers all the three hosting plans.

The difference between Lite and the other two hosting plans is that it offers unlimited storage as well as unlimited data storage capacity. As for Swift and Turbo, the two plans not only come with unlimited data storage capacity and unlimited storage, but also the following:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited parked domains

Exceptional Transparency :

The company has a policy of transparency when it comes to operations. It displays this transparency when you place a request for the recent statistics regarding server uptime. WebsitePulse, which is a third party system, tracks server uptime from different locations.

You can use a2hosting coupon code from the official website or third party sites to enjoy great discounts. With the a2hosting promo code, you will never spend crazy sums of money associated with the costly dedicated hosting plans and VPS.

Best for Budget

If you are on the market for something that offers more than shared hosting, the best options from a2hosting would be dedicated hosting plans as well as managed VPS. Look for the right a2hosting coupon code to make further savings with these plans.

A2hosting.com has an automatic, convenient, flexible and free Server Backup service. More importantly, it is the best choice for any person or business that requires fastest hosting services on a budget.


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