Bluehost Coupon and Review


Blue Host is a prominent name as one of the top leaders of web hosting that has made a name for themselves among millions of people. It is one of the most preferred choices for many people because of its innovative upgrades that are offered at absolutely no extra charge. Blue Host is featured among the top 20 web hosting companies with more than 1.9 million domains. Owned by the Endurance International Group this company provides unparalleled web hosting services to its entire subscriber base.

Review About the Blue Host company :

Blue Host was created in 1996 and has been lurching ahead in the web hosting industry with time. The company became BlueHost.Com in 2003 after its CEO Mr. Matt Heaton managed the free hosting services 0 catch. Com. Blue Host focuses on its core business that has been providing different hosting services for its websites. It provides hosting for over a million domains.

They are also known to maintain over 750 servers to support its widening base. Blue Host is also known to offer an assortment of website softwares. They are programs that can be quickly installed and they also help amateur people who do not have any technical knowledge to create websites with blogs and forums. They provide web-hosting services even during peak traffic hours. For as little as US$6 95 a month, customers can get unlimited bandwidth, disk space and unlimited domains.

Benefits of Blue Host web hosting

There are a lot of benefits of using blue host web hosting and here some of them have been given below,

  1. Blue host provides Uptime guarantee at all times. They make sure that their servers get full backup from the UPS and diesel power generators. They have a 99.99% up time for the sites that they host.
  • Exceptional customer service with fully trained staff
  • Easy to navigate and use control panel that allows you to install Word press with one click
  • Reliable and fast servers
  • Fantastic technical support system that is available 24×7

Those who would like to try out the fantastic services of this web hosting company can try out Blue Host coupons. Blue Host coupons are available for $3.49 per month. Such coupon service helps you to save on cash and if you feel that their price is a little above your budget, you can make the use of coupon services to save up on cost in any way possible. Blue Host also offers their subscribers an email, a free domain and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Blue Host also offers a package with an inclusive FTP accounts, add-on domains, auto responders, email alias, POP3 accounts and parked domains.

How does the coupon work?


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If you are familiar with the way Blue Host operates, you may know that Blue Host offers regular web hosting service for $7.95 per month in a 12-month period. A 2-year period attracts a cost of $6.95. You can be guaranteed of a full discount of 81% of the original price by using the coupon code. You would, however, be offered the same services with the same quality.

 $3.49 per month Hosting Plans

Blue Host offers some great plans for individuals as well as businessmen .The coupon covers some of these exciting plans that are worthwhile with the same benefits as promised with the original full price plans.

  • The reseller web hosting plans

This plan is ideal for those who benefit from the $3.49 per month coupon. This is an advantage for the website sellers as they get 81% off from the original price with Blue Host. The plan features a 100GB storage space, unlimited email accounts, 15Mbs bandwidth and free domain. This plan originally cost $19.95 per month. Don’t you think that the coupon offers a great deal of price difference? Coupons are a great added advantage for website sellers.

  • The Sky Blue plan

This is a listed plan of the Coupon. The original plan is priced at $19.95 per month and it offers a storage space of 100 GB, a bandwidth of 15 MBs, a free domain and unlimited email account

  • The Electric Blue Plan 

This plan is also listed among the beneficiary of the Coupon 81% OFF offer. The original cost of this plan is $49.95 per month. It features a 250GB storage space, 25Mbps bandwidth, free domain and unlimited email account.

  • The True Blue Plan

This one of the most sophisticated web hosting plans that is a great favorite among businessmen and website with lots of traffic. The plan has a full price value of $99.95 per month; however, with the original Coupon subscribers can get this plan at a very subsidized rate. This plans features a 35Mbps bandwidth, free domain, 500GB storage space and unlimited email account.

The advantages of the this coupon

There are various advantages of using the coupon. As you have seen, there are a number of benefits in the $3.49 per month discount. The technical efficiency of the provider should also be eyed on. What are the major technical advantages of using Coupon?

  • 24/7 customer support

Blue Host has a team of highly specialized and qualified IT geeks who can help you at any point of time. They provide online customer support whenever and wherever you want them. They will entertain all your requests and guide you step by step by providing all necessary solutions.

  • Efficient Backup

Blue Host is a web hosting company that is known to have efficient back up. It has two secondary data centers with a huge space of 20, 000 square feet. It also has multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections, standby diesel generator and UPS power that is well equipped to entertain customer queries and to backup subscriber files and data in case of an emergency. With their US$6.95 per month plan it also supports multimedia features like video and audio that helps to get more traffic to their sites.

Why is Blue Host Different?

Choosing a good web hosting company can be really stressful. Most people are confused with so many offers and sign up to find out that they are not worth the price. Blue Host allows you to access customer support services whenever you need assistance. It also has a toll free number that you can call along with a live chat box.

Blue Host features

  • Offers services at very low rates with Coupons
  • com offers can enjoy unlimited disk storage, bandwidth and email accounts. They also have domains and sub domains that are unlimited and auto responses.
  • Easy control panels that can be used for a test drive. The graphical interface is very user-friendly as well
  • Guarantees 99.9% uptime

There are various Coupon Codes on the offer at an amazing low price. These coupons offer

  • 56% off on shared hosting packages and free domain registration
  • Free domain names along with 3.95 dollars a month for hosting
  • 42% off on starting hosting packs and more.

The latest Coupon Code

Blue Host is one of the largest web hosting companies that is recommended for all Word Press hosting by hosting gurus. You would not have to care about your website downtime even if your site has heavy users that are connected to the website. You can also use a number of such coupon codes that are added every month.

How to apply for such coupon Promo?

To apply for Updated Coupon Code follow the coupon code link and the Blue host coupon and the maximum discount would automatically be added. There is no Blue Host renewal coupon code available at this time.

Advantages of These coupons

The advantages of these coupons are that they can easily be availed online and you would not have to copy or enter them anywhere in order to activate them. You would just need to click on the link from the site they were accessed and you would be redirected to the order form on the Blue Host website for the required service with the applied discount. You would need to specify the desired period and the service would be obtained at the discounted price. This makes the Blue Host coupon service all the more accessible.

Conclusion of Bluehost Review :

It is definitely a proven point that Blue Host is a company that lives up to its name and its promises that it has made so long. They are one of the most famous and well-known web hosting companies that most people are visiting. There are various benefits of using the coupons as well.

How to Save Money with HostGator Coupon 2018



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HostGator provides web-hosting services. Dedicated, reseller and shared are among the products and services that users can buy from the web-hosting company. It is one of the many web-hosting operations owned by Endurance International Group. Other firms within the EIG roster include Arvixe, HostMonster, FatCow, iPage and BlueHost to mention a few. In fact, it is now possible for customers to enjoy discounts through HostGator Coupon 2018.




Show this Video to Know how to enter coupon code :


Regardless of the coupon or discount that the user receives with any hosting plan purchased from HostGator, what is not in doubt is the fact that he will enjoy the following as well:

What you get if you choose Hostgator?

  • Unlimited addon domain
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited FTP account
  • Extra domain registration at $15 per year
  • Private domain registration at $10 per year
  • Eco-hosting
  • QuickInstaller as the auto script installer
  • Custom cron jobs
  • Server side includes
  • .htaccess overrides

Some of the actual products that the company has include:

  1. Hatchling
  2. Baby
  3. Business

If you buy the Hatchling Plan without any HostGator Coupon 2018, expect to pay around $4.95 per month. However, after the discount, you will pay only $3.47, thus saving $17.88 for an entire year. The Baby Plan costs $7.95 before discount but $5.56 after discount thus representing $28.68 in yearly savings. The Business Plan goes for $12.95 per month before discount and $9.06 a month after discount, thus representing annual savings of $46.62.

Finally, each hosting plan is unique. Hatchling Plan is only for single domain. The other two hosting plans support unlimited domain. All the hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Hatchling and Baby plans have shared SSL certificate while Business plan has free private SSL as well as IP in addition to free toll free number. For these reasons, buying HostGator plan presents more benefits.

If you want to learn more about Hostgator just click to this link : Detailed Review Of Hostgator

Hostgator coupn code

Detailed Review of HostGator


It is now a fact that a modern business will struggle to remain afloat if it does not have a website. Building a website is only the beginning. The next step involves choosing a web-hosting platform and in this regard, HostGator is one of the most popular. It is one of the leading hosting platforms in the market today. It hosts more than 8 million domains. The hosting platform has grown increasingly popular because of many reasons, which include the following:

  1. Single click WP installation
  2. Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  3. 24/7 customer and technical support


The company has grown tremendously from 2002 when it was founded. The privately held company has it’s headquarters located in Houston, Texas. It currently manages more than 7,000 servers and is responsible for web domains that constitute up to 1 percent of the entire Internet traffic around the world. It serves the needs of the close to 250,000 customers through innovative products as well as services that complement all existing businesses.

Hosting Plans

Furthermore, the fact that it provides users with excellent dedicated as well as shared web hosting plans is one of the factors responsible for the ever-increasing popularity of HostGator. In addition to this, it comes with useful software for building websites called Weebly. The platform has remained attractive because of the affordable rates as well as impressive features that it offers.

Web Design Tools

Moreover, it also has amazing tools for the web designers with highly advanced skills to use. The VPS server packages that it has are some of the best in the industry to date. The ease of use is one of the reasons that have made HostGator popular with novice web designers. It is also worth mentioning that users benefit from a 45-day money back guarantee. Consequently, users receive their money back in case the platform does not work to their liking within 45 days of purchase.

Benefits and Features

For people who might be wondering about the reasons for switching their web host to HostGator, perhaps the fact that this platform puts no restrictions on issues such as disk space and bandwidth should convince them. Overall, the basic hosting plans are good. For example, a user who purchases the Hatchling Plan is entitled to a number of benefits and amazing features that include the following:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Disk space
  • Email accounts
  • MySQL databases

The other amazing features that have made HostGator a leading player in the world of web hosting platforms include:

Help and Support

Although the web hosting platform that HostGator provides is easy to use, this does not mean that you do not require any help or support from the technical team. The help and support is to enable you learn the intricacies of using the hosting platform easily and fast. After all, some of the features are not intuitive. On the HostGator website, spend some time reading the FAQs and visit user forums or view video tutorials to receive all the help and support that you need.

Control Panel Options

HostGator has an amazing set of features. Some of the features are highly advanced. The most advanced features include error pages as well as custom cron jobs. On the other hand, the service could do with some additional script library. Some of the features that the web hosting platform has are not essential to building websites. However, the convenience that they bring in addition to the hands-on control that they provide to advanced users makes them great for web building.


It is common for websites to be full of spam. Many web hosting platforms are unable to offer much help with spam. Fortunately, HostGator takes care of this issue through Spam Assassin that is available on all packages. The program provides powerful spam detection capabilities thus keeping all unwanted junk mails away from the user’s inbox. Although the shared host offers no private SSL or dedicated IP, the shared SSL that it has enables encryption of private information.


Although HostGator does not support one-step WordPress import and people in need of support might have to wait much longer, it is still great for building attractive and functional websites. With HostGator, you will have little difficulty in setting up a WordPress blog and website. The straightforward and robust Quick Link Interface should give you an easier time building up the blog or website.



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